Thursday, 22 November 2012

December Five Minutes of Fame

As for last year our December meeting will be open to anyone to make a five or ten minute presentation to the group on any topic on which you may have something interesting to say. This can be a rant or a silly story or a carefully considered argument or a portrait of someone from history or indeed anything, maybe only slightly related to Humanism.

Those who wish to become members for the next year should note that the annual membership fee is now £6. This is additional to the £2 per meeting to cover the cost of room hire.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Minutes of 2012 AGM

1. Ten members were present and five members sent apologies for absence.

The Minutes of the 2011 AGM ( were read and agreed to be correct.

2. The Secreary and Treasurer gave reports on the year's events.

The Secretary reviewed the year's meetings, but expressed disappointment at the turn-out of supporters to the two featuring outside speakers.

The meeting endorsed a vote of thanks to Stephen Milton for all the work he has done to enhance the meetings with his computer and projector and technical expertise.

The Secretary reported that Hastings Humanists had become a member of Hastings Voluntary Action (HVA), and indicated that other members might wish to receive HVA bulletins or attend the HVA AGM and Conference on 29 November (

The Treasurer's report revealed that our income is just covering the cost of room hire, but we would be in deficit if not for the generosity of certain members. The view was expressed that such payments ought to be explicit in the accounts in future.

3. Organisation of the group.

It was decided to stay with the present Thursday meetings and not change to Wednesday or Tuesday (since the change might suit some but would cause difficulty for others).

New rules for the annual subscription, proposed by the Treasurer and Deputy Chair were agreed after some discussion. It was decided that:
1) The payment for members at each meeting would remain at £2, but be increased to £3 for non-members, although this could be waived for a first ‘taster’ meeting.
2) The membership fee would increase to £6, and become renewable after the AGM in November.
3) There would be no reduction in the fee for a new member joining late in the year.

It was decided not to renew payment of our Affiliation fee to the BHA for next year unless communications with them improve.

It was decided to keep to the present name of the group, rather than change to Hastings and Bexhill Humanists or Hastings and Rother Humanists.

Ideas for a "strap line" to go beneath "Hastings Humanists" on our blog and other publicity are invited. Please email your ideas to: george . jelliss @ virgin . net (close spaces).

The Secretary revealed that two outside speakers had already been approached for next year, though they were not yet definite. Three members had also offered talks. One of these was provisionally approved. It was noted that another joint meeting with Hastings Inter-Faith Forum might be possible, given a suitable subject. Ideas for other subjects were only briefly considered due to lack of time.

Stephen Milton kindly offered to take on the extra task of Programme Secretary for next year.

There was no time to discuss campaigns.

The following modified division of labour was agreed:
Stephen Milton: Chair and Programme Secretary
Duncan Cleverley: Treasurer and Twittermaster
Lesley Arnold-Hopkins: Deputy Chair and Assistant Treasurer
Mike Lynott and/or Hillary Randall: Publicity Assistants
Steve Berks: Social Secretary
George Jelliss: Secretary and Blogger (but with less involvement in Programme and Publicity).