Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Notable Women of Sussex

Our next meeting will be a presentation on ‘Notable Women of Sussex’ by Ann Kramer
On Thursday the 9th Feb 2017 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the White Rock Hotel

Hastings Humanists welcome Ann Kramer

Ann is a local historian, writer and feminist who has written books such as 
Women Wartime Spies and the Landgirls and their Impact and will share with us the fruits of her research into some notable women of Sussex – many of whom you may not have heard of. Her book Sussex Women selects 30 of the best, from royal mistresses to pioneering doctors, from educators and philanthropists to Brighton dippers and cross dressing music hall stars and brings each vividly to life.  There are lots of local women for us to be proud of, and a few we might not wish to laud too loudly!
Ann’s talk promises to be both educational and entertaining.

After the break we will have a discussion on ‘The causes of women’s under-representation in history’. 
Is it because of patriarchal social structures that have limited female opportunity and downplays their impact; or is there also a difference between men and women, and the way they fight for recognition?