Monday, 24 November 2014

AGM Minutes for 2014

The AGM was held at the White Rock Hotel on 13 November.

There were 11 members in attendance (Stephen Milton, George Jelliss, Mike Lynott, Leonard Sterling, Mike Funnel, Julienne Attwood, Barry Wright, Terry Stoner, Nick Terdre, Adele Rolfe, and Hazel Lloyd) and four apologies for absence.

The Minutes of the 2013 AGM were read and accepted as correct.

The Secretary summarised the Programme of meetings for the past year, many of which had been suggested at the last AGM. The Secretary noted that most communications with supporters were now sent out by the Chair while the Secretary's work was to look after the blog and to keep the email contacts list up to date.

The Chair also reviewed the past years meetings, and gave details of the proposed festive dinner for the December meeting this year.

The Treasurer presented a statement of accounts which showed a loss of £58, but a comfortable balance. A difference of £10 appeared to be just an arithmetical error. The Treasurer was thanked for taking on the work and carrying it out efficiently over the year after difficulties the previous year.

The date, time and venue of our meetings was discussed, and it was decided to stay at the White Rock Hotel on the second Thursday of each month but to start the meetings at 7:30 pm from January 2015.

In view of the loss over the year due to subscriptions not covering the cost of the room it was decided to increase the contribution for each evening to £3 for members and £5 for non-members, though the cost of annual membership would remain at £6.

Our Affiliation fee of £25 to the BHA was paid in September, and it was decided to continue as an Affiliate Group though the possibility of becoming a Partner Group should perhaps be revisited at some time.

The present Secretary (George Jelliss), Chair and Programme Secretary (Stephen Milton), Treasurer and Publicity Assistant (Mike Lynott), and Vice-Chair (Leonard Sterling) were confirmed in these positions, and Julienne Attwood agreed to join the committee as a Publicity Assistant, and Mike Funnel would consider becoming Social Secretary.

There was some discussion of subjects for meetings in 2015.
For January the subject will be the First World War and Learning from History. We have been offered a presentation on this subject by George Farebrother of the Herstmonceux Quakers.
A topic sutable for Darwin Day is needed for February. Could this perhaps be a look back at "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins and its influence (or perhaps his other books on Evolution)?
The Secretary suggested getting someone from Atheism UK to talk to us from an anti-religious stance.
Paul Buswell in an email proposed a meeting on the humanist approach to death or non-being.
Stephen Milton proposed a discussion on "Mindfulness".
Julienne proposed a talk on GM foods.
There may have been other suggestions I have forgotten. Please let me know if you recall details.