Monday, 15 February 2016

New Secretary

At the meeting on 11 February, which was the 7th anniversary of the founding of the Hastings Humanists Group on Darwin Day 2009, the Secretary George Jelliss retired following his 76th birthday earlier in the week.

Julienne Attwood, was elected as the new Secretary.

George Jelliss also reported on his attendance at the East Sussex SACRE meeting in Lewes earlier that day. He noted that a Pagan representative Robin Taylor is now attending, and presumably qualifies to be on the 'faith' subcommittee, from which Humanists are excluded.

George also reported a visit, together with Alistair Robertson, to the meeting of the Hastings Inter-Faith Forum at St Martha's church in Little Common, Bexhill on 2 February. This was a talk by Rabbi Danny Rich on "Intra-Faith" relations. The Rabbi, who is on the Liberal wing of Judaism, made the point than relations within faiths, between different branches, were often more acrimonious and in need of conciliatory work than relations between different faiths.