Monday, 1 June 2009

Date Change for June Meeting

Unfortunately there has been a clash over booking of the Notley room at White Rock Hotel, so Dean Morrison's talk will now be a week later, 18th June. The Hastings Environment Network also meets at the White Rock for what they call "Green Drinks" normally at 8:30pm, but they have booked the room on 11th June for a committee meeting. I hope we can come to an arrangement to avoid such clashes in future.

Edit: The Hastings Observer today (5 June) has a report of our May meeting on page 32 and a notice of our June meeting on page 26 under the title "Group to discuss the big questions". Unfortunately both still give the wrong date, despite a correction sent five days ago. I will be at White Rock Hotel on 11th June to catch any people who come there for our meeting. Anyone else who cares to come along for a chat in the bar is welcome.

Today I've also sent out the June Newsletter to those whose addresses I have, and also notified the correct date to everyone else whose email address I have.

Edit: 12 June. The Hastings Observer doesn't seem to have reported our change of date for this meeting in today's issue. However their two mentions last week of our proposed 11th June meeting did not result in anyone new turning up yesterday! On the other hand, perhaps everyone interested checked with our blog to make sure of the date. Getting regular publicity is a problem.

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