Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Social Meetings

I'm proposing to return to the idea of holding informal social meetings in between the more formal monthly meetings. This has been prompted in part by an enquiry from Alexander Hellemans who is a Humanist and is looking into the possibility of starting Cafe Scientifique meetings in Hastings. He and his wife Rita will be at the White Rock Hotel on Thursday this week, at 7pm. All members are welcome and I'm sure there will be much to talk about. Another interest that we have in common is the History of Ideas.

It may be better to hold these social meetings at another venue and on a different day or time, so that members who find Thursday evenings difficult will have another choice. What about a Sunday meeting for example, perhaps in the morning? Ideas for other venues would also be appreciated. Not all of us like meeting in public houses or bars; are there cafes that would be suitable? Of course attendance at meetings is not obligatory! But more choice and more frequent meetings provide a way of attracting more members, or just public interest. Your thoughts are welcome on this.

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  1. I thought the meeting went quite well. Linda and Dean came along. It looks as if the project to start up a Cafe Scientifique in Hastings could well get off the ground. Alex has experience of holding one in Antwerp. The first choice of venue is likely to be the Jenny Lind. Looking some way ahead, Dean pointed out that Alan Turing had connections with this area, and his centenary falls in 2012.

    On Friday, the Hastings Observer at last published a report on our 18th July meeting - only five weeks after I sent it!