Friday, 8 January 2010

Our January Meeting

A notice of our January meeting has appeared in Hastings Observer today, on page 18, under the exciting headline "Humanists are inviting people to a discussion". The headline I provided was: "What Does Humanism Mean To You?" which will be the subject of the discussion. The venue is the Dripping Well public house, 1 Dorset Place, from 6:30 pm Thursday, 14 January. Humanists in my experience all tend to have different views, as indicated by such terms as Rationalist, Freethinker, Secularist, Atheist, Bright, Unbeliever, and so on that are used as alternatives.

There is also likely to be some discussion, initially, about the way the Group should develop. A bank account in the name of Hastings Humanists has been opened (although I'm still awaiting confirmation from Lloyds Bank). We have received a £50 donation from a supporter to start off the account.

I think the Group is now at the stage where we should introduce a £5 Membership Fee for those who wish to be formal Members. This is an entirely voluntary payment. Supporters, and indeed Opponents, who do not want to be formal Members can still attend our meetings. Being a Member means that you are declaring yourself in support of Humanist ideas, and means that you get a vote in the election of the Secretary and any other officers, and a say in the way the group is run, and the right to put your name forward for election. There may also be other privileges.

Let's hope the weather will be better by then.

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