Sunday, 10 October 2010

Mayor Vetoed by Clergy

The invitation that I received to give a reading at the Civic Service this Sunday morning came to nothing, since the Vicar and Bishop ruled that no Atheist is allowed to speak in a Christian Church.

I was only informed when I got there for the start of the Service. The programme included an interval for statements by Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist speakers, but Humanists it appears are taboo.

Mind you it was difficult to think of something I could read that would not be found offensive to people of faith in some way, and sandwiching it between two hymns in praise of the Almighty would have seemed incongruous no matter what I said.

I've written a longer account that I hope may be accepted for HumanistLife.

The purpose of the Civic Service it seems is to affirm that the traditional hold of the Church over the Secular Authority is maintained.

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