Friday, 18 February 2011

East Sussex SACRE meeting

I went to the East Sussex SACRE meeting as I have been doing for a couple of years. The latest meeting was held at Uckfield, which is very awkward to get to by public transport from Hastings (train to Eastbourne, and 54 bus to Uckfield). Even by car it is a long journey. I was kindly given a lift back by one of the SACRE members. Unlike the previous meeting in Uckfield last year this time there was a full complement of 18 people round the table.

Although it had been agreed at the last meeting that the question of whether a Humanist could be co-opted onto the committee (as opposed to being an observer as I am at present) would be placed on the agenda, this was not done (and I didn't see a copy of the agenda until the tea break). I raised this issue at the end and have been given to understand it will be discussed at the next meeting in June. Not that there seems to be much difference between the two roles; I still would not have a vote on anything.

The East Sussex Agreed Syllabus for RE is due to be launched at a meeting in Lewes scheduled for 21 March.

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  1. we need tofind atheists in eastbourne sussex.