Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Our January Meeting: A Debate

Our January meeting is an experiment in using a Debate format. The proposition to be debated is: "A disembodied mind is impossible." Joe Fearn will argue that the notion of the soul as a disembodied person, or discarnate consciousness, is unintelligible. Stephen Milton will argue the opposing case. The arguments are likely to cover such related concepts as ghosts and spirits and artificial intelligence. Others present will be able to take part in the discussion at the end of the debate phase, and perhaps vote on who they think has won the debate.

The venue is the Notley Room at the White Rock Hotel, 7 pm on Thursday 12 January 2012.


  1. Who is Stephen Milton?

  2. Please have a video of the debate and upload it for those who were not lucky enough to be there. "Words fly, script remains".

    Awani Kumar