Friday, 21 December 2012

Is the 'Geek Movement' bad for Science?

There's a big debate on the blog linked to below that's well worth a read:

There are responses in the comments from a number of big hitters!
There has also been quite a lot of exchanges on twitter.
For those who may not know, Steve Fuller, the first of the commentators, is a sociologist who has postmodern views on science, and gave a somewhat comic turn at the famous Dover Creationist (or Intelligent Design) trial. See:

David Colquhoun is a Professor at UCL who campaigns against homeopathy and has a blog here:

He tweeted: "If Fuller approves, it must be wrong!" to which I responded "Yes that's usually a good rule of thumb." and got retweeted by the author of the sci2pol blog Haralambos Dayantis.

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