Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Morality of Money

Our next meeting on the 11th April at the normal time of 7.00pm at the White Rock Hotel

The subject is: The Morality of Money

Is money the root of all evil or simply a medium of exchange? - What authority underpins the value of money? - With only 3% of all money being ‘real’ coinage or notes, how can we exercise social control over its digital creation (including debt)? - And what is/ should be the role of the Banks in this process? - We are all encouraged to save for an extended old age, but how safe are our savings (Pension funds / Cyprus etc)? - Is a competitive devaluation of the £ really the salvation of our national interest?

These are just some of the questions that arise when we start to think about Money.

We will start the debate with a review of some of the facts and then open the discussion. Money has been a vital element in the evolution of society ever since it was invented about 2,700 years ago (pre-dating the invention of ice cream by about 300 years). Could it be that it has now grown into a monster that is beyond the control of national governments as well as their citizens!

Please bring along your thoughts, questions and strange facts about money.

In the meantime have a look at this video of just how awesome we human beings really are:

I look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards Stephen Milton

This review of a book by our former member Elaine Short may also amuse:

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