Saturday, 21 September 2013

Skeptics in the Pub Roadshow

On Thursday 26th September at White Rock Hotel we are linking up with the local Skeptics in the Pub group run by Simon Clare to put on a Hastings Skeptics meeting. The entry fee is £3.50. Tickets can be bought via Eventbrite, or on the day. The actual talk starts at 8 pm and will be followed by a question and answer session.

The speaker is Robert Llewellyn the actor who will be talking on the theme "Electric Cars: They're Rubbish Aren't They?" How sceptical he is we will find out on the night.

Robert Llewellyn is probably best known for playing Kryten in the comedy science fiction TV series "Red Dwarf". The Hastings Observer, in their version of the press release I sent to them, gave it the headline "Kryten to make guest appearance" but I don't think Robert is coming as Kryten! (The costume and make-up probably take hours to fit.)


  1. Graham Martin-Royle26 September 2013 at 13:17

    I hope it goes well, unfortunately I have to work so I will miss it. I hope that someone does a write up, maybe even a piece in the local press.

  2. I'm afraid the notice in the Hastings Observer resulted in no response at all. I wonder if anyone reads it any more! The meeting went off OK but attendance was very poor. Not a good sign for future Skeptic meetings in Hastings.

  3. sorry to hear it did not go well. i am new to the group having only just found out about it but hope to attend an event in december as i am away from hastings until then