Thursday, 14 November 2013

Minutes of 2013 AGM

AGM Minutes 2013

Nine members attended and two sent apologies for absence.

The Minutes of the 2012 AGM
were read and agreed to be correct.

A message from the Chair was read by the Secretary.

The Secretary's Report reviewed the year's meetings, which were generally well attended, apart from the extra Skeptics meeting on 26 November.

The financial report, provided by the Assistant Treasurer, showed that the group's finances are in good order.

It was decided to make no changes to the current subscription rates.

It was noted that communications with the BHA had improved and our Affiliaton had been renewed.

The following positions were confirmed
*Stephen Milton: Chair
Leonard Sterling: Deputy Chair
Mike Lynott: Treasurer
*Duncan Cleverley: Assistant Treasurer
George Jelliss: Secretary
*Steve Berks: Social Secretary
(*Three appointed in absentia)

Thanks to the two new appointees for taking on the roles
of Treasurer and Deputy Chair.

The responsibilities for the Programme, Publicity, Blog, and Twitter were not discussed, but it is assumed the same people as before will share responsibility for these.

Involvement with the East Sussex SACRE was debated, but no-one was willing to volunteer to attend meetings. In part this is because of the time and travel involved, as well as the opposition encountered by previous Humanist observers.

Involvement with the Hastings Inter-Faith Forum was mentioned. But their website is down at present.

Details of these to be posted on the blog when available.

There was a good discussion of ideas for meetings in 2014.
The following topics were suggested (in no particular order). This doesn't rule out other subjects being proposed if they become topical or speakers are available:

1) A meeting to decide what questions of a Humanist nature to put to our local political representatives.
2) A Question Time with local politicians such as Amber Rudd and Sarah Owens.
3) A Debate: This house believes that in the future, world changing events will be driven more by the power of cooperation and mutual support, rather than those of hatred and dictatorship. Proposer Stephen Milton. Opposer to be decided.
4) A talk on Consciousness by Leonard Sterling
5) A talk on History of Humanist views on Eugenics and Racism by George Jelliss
6) Genetically Modified Foods: scientifically justified or a danger to the environment?
7) How do, or should, we treat our children?
8) Science and Moral Responsibility
9) Population control. Hans Rosling's ideas versus David Attenborough, and others.
10) Female Genital Mutilation and Male Circumcision. Why no prosecutions?
11) How Medicine became Scientific by Leonard Sterling

There may have been other suggestions I forgot to note down - please remind me if I've missed yours! (Or any other omissions.)

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