Monday, 2 June 2014

Scientific Methods in Medicine

Our next meeting is on Thur 12th June at the normal time of 7.00pm at the White Rock

The subject this month will be:  The application of scientific methods to Medicine?
And it will be introduced by Leonard Sterling

The practice of medicine has arguably been one of the greatest achievements of modern man, largely liberating us from the tyranny of pain that formed a backdrop to everything from toothache to childbirth.  Today we in the UK spend 9% of GDP on health care (the USA spends 19% of GDP) and in part as a result, we live longer and better.

We will review how medicine has progressed from opinion and prejudice  to peer group review of a major scientific industry.  And let’s think about  the implications of future developments, the role of complimentary medicines and the placebo effect.

Stephen Milton.

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  1. Graham Martin-Royle4 June 2014 at 09:57

    Normally I blame work commitments for not being able to attend, in this case I'll be going on holiday and won't even be in the country. Damn! I've missed some good meetings this year.