Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Humour and Humanism

Hastings Humanists first meeting was on Darwin Day 2009. So our February meeting this year, on Darwin's 206th birth anniversary, will be our Sixth anniversary.


The Group Secretary George Jelliss will introduce the subject, to be followed by a general discussion. Since this is our Darwin Day event we will naturally consider whether a Sense of Humour has any evolutionary ramifications. In view of recent events in France we may well consider how far satirical treatment of religions is justified. Is there any truth in the idea of English humour?

From a more personal approach, do you know a good Humanist joke? What are your favourite humorous books or films. What sort of humour appeals to you most? Puns? Slapstick? Can you recognise Irony? Does modern humour have to be scatological?

Remember our start time is now 7:30 pm.


  1. Hi I'm new to St Leonards and have been looking for a local sceptical group. I couldn't work out how to contact you besides the comments (sorry about that) but would love to attend the next meeting. All the best Rowan

  2. We would be pleased to see you there. It's £5 for a one-off meeting (£3 to members) but only £6 for annual membership. Concessions possible.

  3. Contact details are on the Personnel page at the top.