Wednesday, 16 March 2016

EU Debate: Remain or Leave?

Our next meeting will be a Debate 
on whether the ‘UK should Remain a member of the EU or Leave’.

On the 14th April from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the White Rock Hotel

On the 23rd of June we will make a decision on whether to remain a member of the EU or leave. This is a big deal!

There are so many different issues wrapped into this decision that it will come down to an assessment of the balance of risks and there is no certainty on either side of the argument. Our intention is to hold a debate on this contentious issue in which we will avoid tribal politics and personal attacks, and examine the issues.  Hopefully shedding a little light and dissipating some of the heat by squarely facing up to the facts, and that the decision will have wide ramifications for many years to come!

The form of the debate will be an opening vote,  2 opening statement For and Against the motion, then an open floor discussion where everybody is welcome to make their own point, then a final summing up and final vote.

To keep the debate orderly I will suggest that we deal with different aspects of the subject in turn
·         The question of sovereignty?
·         The question of economic benefit / harm?
·         Bureaucracy, inventiveness and innovation in the EU?
·         Questions of immigration?
·         Issues of democratic legitimacy and rule making?
·         How will this decision look in 50 years’ time?

Everybody is welcome to participate as long as they uphold our Humanist tradition of treating opposing opinions with respect.

Price £3.00 at the door.

Stephen Milton

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