Tuesday, 21 April 2009

BHA News

The British Humanist Association March/April News has just appeared. It is now in a much improved A4 format. Previously it was just a folded broadsheet. One of the main stories is that the BBC's "Central Religious Advisory Committee" is being replaced by an independent "Standing Conference on Religion and Belief" which will include a humanist representative, the excellent Andrew Copson.

There is also a new organisation, the AHS, to coordinate Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies.

Hanne Stinson, the BHA Chief Executive has raised money by having the "Happy Human" logo tattooed on her arm. Personally I dislike tattoos, along with piercings and scoriation, and wouldn't recommend the practice, despite it being a current fad.

Edit: The BHA e-bulletin, dated 20 April, links to a programme on C. S. Lewis called The Narnia Code, which I've just watched. The thesis of Michael Ward is that the seven books of the Narnia Chronicles, which many critics have called a "hotchpotch" are in fact based on the seven planets of medieval cosmology. I find this thesis convincing. However, the books are still a hotchpotch! Moreover, despite the irrelevant pontifications of Prof Polkinghorne at the end of the film, this is not Christian symbolism. It is Astrology!

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