Friday, 3 April 2009

Publicity for Human Rights Meeting

An email Press Release I sent to Hastings Observer has resulted in a notice at the bottom of page 10. It has been given the title "Focus on Tom Paine", which is fair enough, though the actual subject advertised was "Human Rights" in general. However, an account of Tom Paine's adventurous and eventful life is sure to feature strongly.

The subject of Human Rights has come up in at least two other news stories this week. First there was the issue of the right to assisted suicide, as organised by Dignitas, the Swiss company run by Ludwig Minelli, who is a Human Rights lawyer. Then there was the New Afghan Law passed by Hamid Karzai that is said to legalise rape within marriage. It has brought into question what ideals we are fighting for.

Rose Austen has agreed to chair this meeting. It would be helpful if members could indicate how they would like to see our meetings develop. For instance, do you want more opportunity for discussion, or to raise other issues, or more formal lectures?

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