Friday, 15 May 2009

A Most Enjoyable Evening

Thanks to Lesley yesterday's meeting was the best we've held so far. Her presentation, which included musical extracts, was entertaining and informative. The thorough tests that the BHA puts prospective celebrants through are daunting, even for someone committed to becoming a professional. The work itself combines elements of show-business and social work in an unusual way.

Lesley also brought a number of her friends along for support, so that our attendance reached 16 in all, including herself, and we were able to reduce our charge to £1 per person to cover the room hire costs. I hope they will continue to show interest in our future meetings. The two men in attendance were outnumbered. Once again, Rose Austen chaired the meeting. We also welcomed two new members.

Incidentally although I have called people attending our meetings "members" this will not become official until we adopt a constitution and fix a subscription rate, which is scheduled for the first AGM in September.


  1. I know this is a blog, not a full-blown website, but it would be interesting to see when/where your upcoming events are. Can you not create a page to let us know? Or put it in the sidebar?

  2. There was a programme published here recently. Look back to the 26 March entry. Our next meeting on 11th June is about Evolution and Atheism. I'm waiting for further details about it from Dean Morrison who is presenting the talk.

    Would you like to come and speak to us Bob? We need to know well in advance so that we can try to get some publicity out. Evenso, there's no guarantee that it will appear in the local paper.