Sunday, 10 May 2009

Our May Meeting

Our next meeting is on 14th May 7pm at White Rock Hotel as usual. Lesley Arnold-Hopkins will tell us the story of "How I Became a Humanist Celebrant". She will describe the BHA courses that are available, and give an account of some of her experiences conducting services.

We failed to get any publicity this time in the Hastings Observer, though I sent a press release at the usual time, a week in advance of publication. Our Newsletter, covering two pages this time, was produced later than usual but I sent it out first class to reach everyone in good time. Perhaps we should look into paying for an advertisement.

I've often toyed with setting up a Zeta Course in contradistinction to the Christian Alpha Course, but with the aim of introducing people to Sceptical thinking -- Zeta standing for Zetetic. The Christians already have an Omega course which teaches about the End Times. I wonder what I could charge for this? Kevin Carlyon seems to get enough from his Tarot readings and spells to pay for an advert every week!

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