Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Possible venues - as discussed at our last meeting.

Possible meeting venues.

We are trying the Pig in Paradise this week, and I’m sure it will be lovely, but if we find that it’s not to our taste, these are the responses that I’ve had thus for regarding room hire, as discussed at the last meeting.

HVA (thanks to Rose for the info), Priory Street, Hastings
Room hire (room holds max 14 people) £7 for half day.
(They don’t usually hire out in the evening, but it is assumed that due to Rose’s involvement, this would probably be allowed).

University Centre, Havelock Road, Hastings
Room hire (up to 18 people) £45 per session (eg 5pm to 9pm) with the following note:
Please note that there is some flexibility where your requirement crosses the times above and is for less than 4 hours.
If the AV equipment is used, VAT will also be charged.

Friends Meeting House, South Terrace, Hastings
Upstairs room (holds up to 12) - £7Downstairs room - £14
Many of the rooms already have regular bookings, so we will need to investigate availability.

Hastings Trust, Robertson Street
NB – On 1st floor and there is no lift.
£20 for an evening session (including £5 extra, because it’s evening).

Frenz, Robertson Street
This doesn’t have a meeting room, but I was pointed in the direction of French’s. I could get an answer, so will try again another time.

Sorry, this is as far as I’ve got so far. Shall we see how the meetings work in The Pig and take it from there?


  1. Thanks for your efforts Lesley! See you on Thursday. If The Pig in Paradise doesn't suit us there are plenty of other pubs to try. There is a cafe called "Scoffers" in Claremont that I've often thought would be a nicely named place for Unbelievers to meet, but their furniture seems to consist solely of high stools.

  2. True - there are lots of places to investigate.

    And we may like to have some flexibility. For example, if we get talkers who want to give a presentation using powerpoint or similar, it might be useful to use UCH as a one off, to have the use of their equipment.

    Shall we see how the land lies?