Friday, 30 October 2009


The Hastings Observer today (Friday 30 october) has included, on page 2, a report of our last meeting under the heading "Humanists discuss clairvoyance", based on a News Release that I sent two weeks ago. It concludes with details of our November meeting.

This is the first time we have appeared so near the front of the paper. Possibly this may relate to the connection of our meeting with the paper's promotion of an "Evening of Clairvoyance", so it includes news of their own activities as well as ours.

I've already had an enquiry by telephone from someone who has seen the article and is interested in coming along.

The Arts Forum has put one of our posters in their window. I also gave one to the Hastings Trust, but haven't seen it in their window yet. It's quite time consuming travelling around trying to get people to put up a poster, and I'm not sure that anyone ever notices them anyway! You can download one in PDF form (see the column on the right). Please print it out and put it on display, anywhere legal will do.

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