Saturday, 12 December 2009

Bishop of Lewes a Creationist?

The Suffragan Bishop of Lewes Wallace Benn appointed in 1997 has written a blurb in support of a book by the InterVarsity Press with the title Should Christians Embrace Evolution? in which he says: "This is a most helpful compilation, which is designed to make one think very seriously about the whole issue of evolution and the Bible. To those who love the Scriptures, and seek to be faithful to them, this will prove enormously helpful."

Of course it's possible that he didn't actually read the book, but just looked at the title page, since his comment is very generalised. However, the internal contents, compiled and edited by Norman C. Nevin, are from well known young-earth creationists, biblical fundamentalists and anti-science polemicists.

Professor Andy McIntosh for example is closely associated with the organisation calling itself "Truth in Science", which has just circulated a book to many school and college libraries with the title Explore Evolution. There is further critical and background commentary available from the BCSE.

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