Friday, 18 December 2009

In the Local Press

Today's Hastings Observer contains a belated report of our 12 November meeting, with of course the notice of our 10 December meeting removed. It appears in the "News from around the clubs" section on page 18.

Typically it is sandwiched between a large quarter page advert for another "Evening of Clairvoyance" with Stephen Holbrook. (Why is this superstitious nonsense so popular in Hastings? It now seems to be a regular monthly event.) And on the next page a nearly half-page article featuring a large photo of Kevin Carlyon, the local White Witch, who is supposedly placing a curse on the proposed Link Road with Bexhill. (Doesn't this lay him open to being sued by any drivers who have an accident on it? Probably not, since there is usually a get-out clause for religion in the law somewhere.)

There is a more interesting article on page 16 accompanied by the familiar portrait of Thomas Paine. This is about a document found in a shop on the America Ground (the Robertson Street area of Hastings). It is an agreement between Pain (as he then spelt his name) and his former wife Elizabeth, in which he transfers their shared property in Lewes to her before he emigrated to America. For what he got up to when he reached America this page of links to his Selected Writings makes a good read.

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