Thursday, 18 February 2010

Meeting Report

This evening's replacement meeting attracted seven people, and most stayed until 9pm. This was enough for a lively discussion of a wide range of topics in the news, from voting systems, through assisted dying, to catholic child abuse and much else.

As one of the speakers observed, we do tend to fall into discussing the faults and eccentricities of religion as a default mode, rather than more positively humanist issues, but this is because the religions still pose most of the problems that concern us. This tendency was encouraged by having the "God Trumps" cards, with their caricatures of 24 religions or belief systems, to laugh at.

We now have 35 names on our list of people who have attended meetings and are kept informed of our activities, but a number of these have attended only one meeting, or appear only irregularly, and a few are non-humanists. It would be helpful to receive some feedback as to whether we are moving the group in the right direction, and whether there are other things we should be doing.

The next meeting on 11th March will be at the Arts Forum, where Tom Rees is due to speak to us on "Whatever Happened to Secularisation". More on that shortly.

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  1. elaine kilshaw3 March 2010 at 14:38

    I live in Eastbourne and belong to the Brighton and Hove Humanists. I do not know anyone from here who goes to Hastings as I wsould be interested to attend.