Sunday, 14 February 2010

Replacement Meeting.

Since the 11th February meeting was snowed off, there will be a replacement meeting at the Dripping Well pub on 18th February from 7 pm. This will be an open discussion evening, to discuss any issues those present want to raise.

Tom Rees who will be speaking to us in March has an article in the New Humanist (Jan/Feb issue) on the relationship of religion to income inequalities. I will bring a copy of the magazine and a set of the "God Trumps" cards that came with it.

Lesley suggests the doings of the Church of England General Synod may give food for thought.

There's an article on the Freethinker blog about Two Clerics in Sevenoaks who seem to have reverted to mediaeval doctrines about women.

Next Thursday 25th there is a meeting of the East Sussex SACRE which I hope to attend if I can work out how to get to Uckfield.

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