Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Humanist Heritage

A new website is being set up to gather biographical and topographical details on Humanist Heritage. There are only a few pages there at present. I have been involved in putting together some of the material, for instance the biography of Fenner Brockway and the photo of his statue in Red Lion Square. There was a previous website of this name, set up by Hamish Macpherson, and he is still involved in the project, but it has now come under the wing of the BHA.

Local groups are asked to provide information for the site about people who made significant contributions to our modern secular culture. For example, I've provided a biography of Alan Turing, based largely on information from Dean Morrison's Quockling website, but this is not yet on the Humanist Heritage site.

This project is part of a Humanist Week 21-27 June designed to increase awareness of Humanism. Unfortunately these dates lie between those of our local Group meetings on 10th June and 8th July. I'm wondering if we should have another meeting during that week, say at the pub, or does anyone have ideas for some other event we could organise?

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