Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Report on the Extra Meeting

Our meeting at the Cafe Relax attracted seven, including two that we first met at the last lecture. The venue did not prove ideal, mainly because the noise from the refrigerator which made it difficult to hear soft-spoken people, even though we were gathered close together. If anyone can suggest better places to meet for this type of informal discussion, we would give them consideration.

One of the topics that came up concerned the issues of animal welfare and vegetarianism, which is a subject that divides humanists as much as any other group. Rational cases can be made for either side, though we can usually agree that animals raised for food should be treated as humanely as possible.

I distributed some copies of the BHA News magazine to those who are not direct BHA members. These were provided by the BHA as part of their "Humanist Week" (21-27 June). It's a pity we could not have done more to mark this, but it fell between our usual meeting dates.

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