Monday, 9 August 2010

Humanist Heritage in London

Today I went to London to attend a meeting of the group, of which I am a member, which is developing the Humanist Heritage website. The meeting was at 5 pm at the BHA headquarters, 1 Gower Street. During the afternoon I went to the Bayswater area of London to investigate whether the old "Ethical Church" building still exists. The photo I took is of the building at 46 Queensway, which is now a Roman Catholic church. The address of the West London Ethical Church is recorded in this 1927 list of services as 46 Queen's Road, Bayswater, and this pre-war AtoZ of London indicates that Queensway was previously known, at least in parts, as Queens Road. So this would seem to be the right place.

The others in attendance at the meeting were Hamish MacPherson, Jim Herrick, Andrew Copson, Elizabeth Lutgendorff, Stephan Dickers and Bob Churchill.

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