Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Interfaith Forum meets Councillors

I went to the meeting of the Hastings Interfaith Forum yesterday (Tuesday 27th, 6 pm) at the WRVS in South Street St Leonards. It was one of a series special meetings called with local community groups, so that the Council leader, Jeremy Birch, and deputy leader, Jay Kramer, could outline the Council’s programme for the year and dialogue about any issues which those present might wish to draw to their attention.

The Labour Council is to try to keep to their proposals put to the electorate (such as the compulsory purchase of the pier and the cultural regeneration programme) subject to working within the coalition government's cuts. There was some talk about an equalities charter, an anti-poverty strategy, improving disabled access to seafront businesses, being open and transparent, and holding a "Big Conversation".

I raised the question of whether the Public Library is included in the regeneration programme and the higher education expansion in Hastings Town Centre, but apparently this is in the hands of East Sussex County Council and plans to move it are indefinite. (I'd have thought it could be combined with the College Library at a considerable reduction of costs, but this seems not to have been considered.)

On Sunday 1st August there is an "Asian Delights" event at St Leonards Gardens 2-6pm, where Middle Eastern and Asian food and music can be experienced, organised in part by Hastings Intercultural Organisation.

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