Friday, 3 September 2010

Brighton and Hove Humanists

I had a day out on 1st September to attend the Brighton and Hove Humanist Society meeting in the evening. The speaker was Denis Cobell former President of the NSS who was to speak on "Why I am not a Christian". He referred to the 1927 essay with that title by Bertrand Russell, but didn't repeat Russell's arguments. In fact mostly the talk was about his upbringing within an Evangelical Christian family in the Brighton area. It never became clear why he did not become a Christian, other than that he was a natural rebel and found the dogma unbelievable. His sister on the other hand remained within the fold.

Earlier I went to the cinema to see the noisy and difficult to follow film "Inception" which in fact raised more interesting philosophical questions, about whether we can tell the difference between dream and reality.

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