Saturday, 2 July 2011

Our July Meeting: Cosmology and RE

A PDF poster is now available to download from HERE advertising our next meeting, which is at 6:30 pm on 14th July in the Notley Room at the White Rock Hotel.

The main subject is: Cosmology - Do We Need To Know How It All Began? In the absence of Prof. Stephen Hawking or Prof. Brian Cox this will be introduced by our Secretary, George Jelliss from a philosophical point of view: Could Everything come from Nothing? What is Time? In the Beginning was...?

In view of our failure to get representation on the East Sussex SACRE we will also devote some time to discuss what our attitude should be to Relgious Education. This video (see bottom of page) of a debate at UCL on 15 June is worth listening to in this connection.


  1. Here is an interesting video concerning this topic:

    Alexander Hellemans

  2. Thanks Alex. Unfortunately the video "has been removed by the user". Are you back in Hastings?

  3. Hi George,

    Here is a link to the blog of Jerry A. Coyne,

    The video, in two parts, shows the comments of 100 scientists who are disbelievers.

    Best, Alexander