Thursday, 28 July 2011

Social Events

At our meeting in July it was decided to have a social meeting on 11 August in the bar at White Rock Hotel. We also appointed Duncan Cleverley as our Social Secretary (is that the right title?) to plan more such activities in future.

It was also proposed that a group of members should have an outing to the "Affectionate Tribute to Marlene Dietrich" to be held at Conway Hall in London on 7 September in support of the Secular Europe Campaign. I asked for those members who have bought a ticket to let me know, so that we can know how many are going, but the response so far has been minimal.

In was proposed that the talk by Stephen Milton on 8th September be postponed to October, but if interest in the Conway Hall trip is low, perhaps we should reinstate this. We can assess the situation on 11th August.

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