Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Rainbow at London Bridge

On Wednesday afternoon I went to London for the Conway memorial lecture, which was about Jeremy Bentham and his extensive unpublished works. It proved to be mainly about his views on sexual relationships rather than secularism. The poddelusion people were there, so it can be heard on their recording. It seems Bentham's views anticipated those of the Australian philosopher Peter Singer, such as those on infanticide, which have been in the secular news (e.g. see New Humanist) thanks to Nadine Dorries accusing all humanists of favouring the killing of children on the least excuse!

I bought a ticket to Charings Cross as usual, but my train was "terminated" at London Bridge. We were advised that our tickets could be used on the Underground, but mine wouldn't even let me out of the station! It was raining and I decided to make use of my free bus pass, and catch a bus direct to Holborn. While I was waiting at the bus stop at one end of the Bridge a beautiful full half-circle rainbow appeared, like another Bridge in the sky, framing the scene that included Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the 'Gherkin' and other buildings. For a while there was even a partial secondary rainbow above the main one. I do love rainbows! I think I may take the London Bridge route in future.

OOPS! I intended to post this on my Jeepyjay Diary pages, but seem to have pressed the wrong buttons. Anyway it's not entirely irrelevant to Hastings Humanists, so I will let it stand.

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