Friday, 6 March 2009

A Bit More Publicity

A panel advertising our 12th March meeting has appeared in today's Hastings and St Leonards Observer on page 33, although it shows signs of hasty editing. There is no page of "News from the Clubs" this week so I suppose we are lucky to get a mention. On page 3 there is a notice about a meeting on Saturday (WRVS South Street 1 to 3 pm) to set up a "Forum to unite all faiths". Will this include those of no faith? I'm thinking of going to see if Humanists are included.

Edit: It proved to be a Labour Party attempt to consult with ethnic minorities for purposes of social coherence. The main emphasis was on culture rather than faith. I was able to put a word in, warning against depending solely on faith leaders for the views of their community, and the need to consult more widely. I met Dominic and Mike there, who came to our first meeting.

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