Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sayed Perwiz Kambaksh

Mr Kambakhsh was sentenced to death a year ago for so-called "blasphemy".
After outside pressure this has now been reduced to a mere 20 years!

There is a new petition for his release:
RSF petition

A journalism student at Balkh university and a reporter for the newspaper Jahan-e-Naw (“The New World”), Kambakhsh was arrested after downloading an article that analyses what the Koran says about women.

Robert Ingersoll on blasphemy: "What is real blasphemy? To enslave the minds of men, to put manacles on the mind; that is blasphemy. To deny what you believe to be true, to admit to be true what you believe to be a lie; that is blasphemy. To strike the weak and unprotected, in order that you may gain the applause of the ignorant and superstitious mob; that is blasphemy. To persecute the intelligent few at the command of the ignorant many; that is blasphemy. To forge chains, to build dungeons, for your honest fellow-men; that is blasphemy. The jury that gives an unjust verdict, and the judge who pronounces an unjust sentence, are blasphemers. The man who bows to public opinion against his honest conviction, is a blasphemer."

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  1. Mr. Kambakhsh got 20 years just for downloading an article analysing about status of women in the holy Koran. If devout muslims are so offended by this then how much more offended they will feel if someone analyses the life and deeds of Prophet Mohammad? Readers may remember the story of "Rangeela Rasool Case" in Lahore High Court (now in Pakistan). The publisher of this book, Mr. Rajpal, was stabbed to death in 1920's. In this book, the author, Mr. Chamupati, had described about the wives, words and deeds of Prophet Muhammad quoting from only muslim historians. Since the publisher did not reveal the identity of the author, he was murdered in broad day light.

    Things have changed very little since then. It is almost impossible to bring any change in Islam because muslims believe that Koran is eternal, perfect and Prophet Mohammad can do no wrong. No wonder, there are no social reformers in Islam.

    Mr. Kambakhsh's fate should be a lesson to others (unless you are brave (or foolish) enough like Salman Rushdie or Tasleema Nasreen). Just remember the proverb (for your life and limbs): "Wa Khuda diwana baso Ba Mohammad hoshiyar" (You can take liberty with Allah, not Prophet). Those who ignore or forget it, had paid, are paying and will pay heavily. Any doubt?

    Awani Kumar