Monday, 16 March 2009

A Draft Constitution

The following is a First Draft of a Constitution for the Hastings Humanists Group. It is based on an example in the "Groupwise" booklet issued by the BHA in 2005. For present purposes anyone who attends any formal meeting of the Hastings Humanists will be considered a Member. It will all be formalised at the AGM, which I've provisionaly set for September. Let me have your views. Volunteers for the posts of Speaker and Treasurer (or to take on the role of Secretary from me) are invited.

Hastings Humanists Constitution

1. NAME AND OBJECTS: The Group shall be called "Hastings Humanists" and shall have the objects of: a) Providing a means for like-minded individuals to meet at least monthly to discuss Humanist values, principles and relevant subjects. b) To educate and interest the wider public in the philosophy of Humanism, and to be open in the expression of their views. c} Through involvement in active campaigns and projects, to seek to promote Humanist values and to make a difference in the world, both locally and globally.

2. MEMBERSHIP: Any person who agrees with the objects of the Group may become a Member on payment of the annual membership fee. The Committee may refuse to admit as a Member or terminate the Membership of any person whose conduct is, in its unanimous opinion, inconsistent with the objects of the Group.

3. COMMITTEE: The Committee shall consist of at least three Members. These will normally include three Postholders: Speaker, Secretary and Treasurer, elected at each Annual General Meeting of the Group. Other Members may be co-opted to the Committee by agreement of the Postholders at any time. Should a Postholder vacancy occur, say due to resignation or illness, a new temporary appointment must be made within two weeks and notified to the Members. The quorum at a Committee Meeting shall be three Members.

4. GENERAL MEETINGS: An Annual General Meeting shall be held in September. It shall receive financial accounts and reports of the Committee for the previous 12 months. The members present shall elect the Postholders of the Group for the next 12 months. A Special General Meeting can be convened at other times by the Secretary on receipt of a request from at least a third of the Members. At least two weeks notice of General Meetings must be given to all Members. Nominations and Notices of resolutions must be received by the Secretary at least a week before the meeting. Only resolutions stated on the notice convening the meeting shall be voted on, although other issues may be discussed. The quorum at a General Meeting shall be six Members. In any dispute concerning the affairs of the group, a General meeting shall be the final arbiter.

5. FINANCE: The income and property of the Group shall be devoted to the promotion of the objects of the Group. Members may not receive payment for their services to the Group. The Group shall maintain an affiliation to the British Humanist Association and in the case of the Group having to be wound up, any funds remaining after payment of liabilities shall go to the British Humanist Association. The annual membership fees shall be set by the Annual General Meeting.

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