Friday, 21 August 2009


Christopher Hitchens on Slate criticises Yale University Press for self-censoring a book about the Danish cartoons of Mohammed by leaving out the illustrations.

On the I commented: Why keep republishing the same old cartoons? What's needed is more cartoons. Has the author of the Jesus and Mo series received death threats yet? I don't think so. The Freethinker republished the cartoons and its editor hasn't been threatened as far as I know. How about an Islamic Comic Annual?

I did have an idea for a cartoon in my Professor Cranium series, but haven't been in a drawing mood lately. This was to show Christopher Hitchens, with a copy of "God is not Great" under his arm, walking past a fast-food outlet called the "Al R Snackbar". (Allah's n'Ackbar - geddit? - Oh well never mind!)

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