Friday, 18 September 2009

Letter to Editor on Spiritualism

I've had a Letter to the Editor published in the Hastings Observer today. It has been printed in full, but the Editor hasn't answered any of my questions. It reads as follows (the heading was added by the editor}:

Can you produce evidence?

I notice that the Observer newspaper series is supporting "An Evening of Clairvoyance with Stephen Holbrook" in October. Does this mean you are endorsing the authenticity of this man's claim to be an "Accurate Clairvoyant Medium"? As I understand these terms they mean that he is able to foresee the future and to communicate with spirits of the dead.

Do you have evidence to support these claims? Are the members of your Board of Directors spiritualists, or are you just promoting the show as a form of entertainment? It seems a strange subject for a newspaper to be associated with, since one would expect newspaper reporters to be of a sceptical frame of mind.

I should declare my own interests in this matter. I have helped to set up the Hastings Humanists group, and one of our aims is to provide a counter to all forms of superstition. Our next meeting, on 8th October, will be a discussion on Humanist views of spiritualism and spirituality.

George Jelliss
Magdalen Road

We are proposing to try out the "Pig in Paradise" pub on the seafront between the Pier and Robertson Street for our next meeting. They have an room on the left at the back which may be quiet enough for a discussion, so long as the juke-box is not blaring.

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  1. Not only did the editor not answer my questions, but in this week's paper there has been no response to my letter from other writers. This is disappointing. Perhaps there will be some reaction by next week.