Friday, 11 September 2009

Report on AGM

We had eight members at the meeting and held a good two-hour discussion on the way the group should be organised and how it should be developed.

The main result was that we now have a Treasurer, Hélène White. However we did not set a subscription fee for members, instead we will collect donations to build up a fund so that we can pay speakers expenses, hire rooms, etc as necessary.

As Secretary I will be going to the one-day BHA Groups Representative Annual Meeting at Conway Hall on Saturday 3 October, to glean advice on running local groups. There is room for one other representative to attend if you have the time to spare, but the application probably has to be in within the next few days.

It was thought that meetings should have a pre-specified topic, but allow plenty of time for discussion. Lecture-type meetings could be held at longer intervals, perhaps every three months.

The topic for the meeting in October was decided to be about Humanist views on Spiritualism (and perhaps spirituality) in view of the "Evening of Clairvoyance" being promoted by the local newspapers.

We are looking into the feasibility of other venues than the White Rock Hotel, preferably with easier access, perhaps in a pub or cafe where we don't have to pay for a separate room. More on this shortly.

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  1. Glad to hear that went well George - sorry I couldn't be there myself.
    Hope to see you in October