Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Questionnaire Response

Out of 22 questionnaires sent out to people who have attended our meetings or have expressed an interest I have received 11 replies.

The following were the questions, together with a summary of the responses received.

Our next meeting is the AGM on 10 September, to decide the future of the Group.

Please could you answer the following 6 questions.


1. Will you be able to attend the 10 September Meeting? (Knowing the likely number attending will justify advance booking of the room.)

--> 4 Yes, 5 Will try/possibly/don't know/can only decide at short notice/not sure, 2 No.

2. Do you think the Hastings Humanists Group should be formalised or remain informal? (This will mean electing a Committee, and fixing an annual membership fee and Constitution.)

--> 7 informal, 2 formal with qualifications (not yet, maybe later), 1 happy either way, 1 not interested at present.

3. Is Tuesday evening a convenient time or day for you? (If you have another preferred time or day please state.) [This should have said THURSDAY of course, but I don't think it makes any difference to the responses, only one respondent noted the error.]

--> 6 OK with any weekday evening, 1 would prefer Wednesday, 1 any day except Friday, 1 mixture of midweek meetings and Sunday morning, 1 unable to attend but supports group, 1 now has other priorities.

4. Are you a member of the British Humanist Association? (The BHA may help us more if we have direct members.)

--> 4 yes, 7 No.

5. Would you be willing to serve on the Committee? (We need to make use of all the talents available. Please indicate preferred role.)

--> 7 No, 2 Yes, 1 perhaps, 1 not at present.

6. Would you prefer more open social-style meetings rather than prearranged subjects or speakers? (You may prefer a mixture. If you have ideas for how we should go, please bring them to the meeting.)

--> Difficult to assess the replies, but most would seem to prefer a mixture, but would also like every meeting to have a prearranged topic for discussion and not just be social.

Perhaps I should have asked whether the present venue is OK. Its main problem is lack of disabled access and the pub atmosphere.

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