Sunday, 14 March 2010

Changes to Our Programme

Since the Arts Forum has been booked for a film show on the 8th April and Lesley can't get there on the 15th I've had to rearrange the programme.

The next meeting will be the talk by Alexander Hellemans on "Misunderstandings of Science" on the 15th April.

The talk by Lesley Arnold-Hopkins on "Humanist Weddings" is postponed to July.

The Annual General Meeting, which was planned for July will now be in November, which is more in line with the practice of other groups, and will include some discussion of plans for next year which I had intended to hold as a separate meeting in January.

There is still a gap in October. So offers of a talk from a member would be appreciated. An outside speaker has already offered to make a presentation but requires a fee of £50 plus expenses. Views on that would be appreciated.

I'm proposing to do a fun piece on "The A to Z of Conspiracy Theories" for December, unless other ideas are put forward before then.

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