Thursday, 18 March 2010

Please tell me that it wouldn't happen here, but heartwarming, all the same.

Not much to do with Hastings, but it's a great story.......

In the USA, a school prom was cancelled, because a female pupil at the school wanted to take her girlfriend as a date.

In summary, the strongly religious school authority felt that same sex relationships are a sin, and so was going to refuse entry to the pupil and her girlfriend. She threatened to sue for discrimination, and so the school cancelled the event .

They then invited local community groups to hold the prom. The suggestion is that they thought local church groups would run the dance, and the girls would be refused entry without the threat of litigation.

The prom is now being held by

....wait for it.....

The American Humanist Association!

It's a story that raises a smile. The full news article is here, if anyone is interested.


  1. This is a similar sort of story from Yorkshire: Pensioners who were using the church hall for
    Tai Chi exercises have been barred by the vicar as being anti-christian, since the system of exercise was developed by taoists.

  2. Goodness me!

    Well, I can see how helping a load of pensioners with mobility, flexibility and concentration would be against the will of their god!

    How ridiculous.

  3. Graham Martin-Royle29 March 2010 at 15:53

    Similar tale here in Bexhill. Local group barred from church hall for practising tai chi.

  4. The original story here is getting more complicated. The AHA apparently asked the ACLU to organise the prom but the funding they offered was turned down because of a local fear of Atheists! See report and comments on