Friday, 5 March 2010


A notice about our March meeting appears in the Hastings Observer today on page 22.

I also wrote the editor a letter, or news item, about the SACRE meeting being nonquorate but this has not appeared. Next week perhaps.

I'm pleased to report that James Williams, whose meeting was snowed off in February, has agreed to come to speak to us in June. This has meant moving the talk by our member Alex Hellemans back to October; thanks to him for his patience. We still have a gap in our programme for November, but to have a programme for six months ahead is probably as far as we need to plan.


  1. graham martin-royle11 March 2010 at 21:28

    excellent meeting. very interesting talk.

  2. My letter to the Editor about the SACRE meeting has appeared in today's Hastings Observer (Friday 12th March) under the heading "Just two of 28 board members turned up". I wonder if it will get any response, perhaps from those members who didn't go?