Monday, 14 March 2011

Local BBC Radio Sussex

I had a phone call from BBC Radio Sussex last week asking if I would be willing to appear, via telephone, on their Sunday morning programme, at the impossible time of 7:15 in the morning. Fortunately they got Mr Edmonson from Worthing Humanists to chat to them about the Census campaign, and he came across quite well. Not having listened to anything much on local radio I tried to continue listening to the programme, but found it to be three hours (6 to 9) of relentless religiously biased propaganda. I did think of phoning in to express some contrary views, but after spending some time searching for the contact details, found better things to do. It is perhaps fortunate that these religious programmes are mostly confined to times of the week when very few people will be listening. What are the chances of getting the BBC to put on a three-hour broadcast with a relentlessly atheistic slant?

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  1. Graham Martin-Royle15 March 2011 at 08:28

    I think the chances of getting Auntie to put out 3 hrs of programming promoting atheism to lie somewhere between none and buckleys! They will always say, if you try to complain about anything religious (like TFTD) that the majority of their output is non religious but, while it may not be promoting religion, it is not promoting atheism either. Religion gets a free pass on the beeb and Sunday mornings are a complete waste of time.

    Still, it's good to hear that they actually offered a space to someone from a humanist point of view.