Friday, 18 March 2011

A Multifaith Royal Wedding?

Our discussion of Monarchy v Republicanism at our March meeting didn't get very far. In fact there was such an evident disparity of views that I thought it best to cut that part of the discussion short in case it led to violence! On the other hand our discussions on the Census and on Disestablishment were largely consensual.

There are a lot of amusing suggestions coming forward on Twitter on the subject of making the Royal Wedding a Multi-Faith event. This spoof seems to have originated from a Jewish Chronicle article.

A pastafarian (follower of the flying spaghetti monster) suggests serving meatballs and spaghetti. An alarming number call for human sacrifice: Wiccans want to burn a chief constable in a giant wooden effigy in Trafalgar Square: Hindus favour the Queen committing Sati on the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral pile: Jedi's want to see Charles chop off William's hand with a light sabre. Pagans want a bearded Chief Druid to lead the celebration ... Oh, hang on ...

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