Friday, 13 February 2009

All Right on the Night

Despite my fears that I might be the only one at the meeting, it went off very well last night, with nine people in attendance besides myself. My thanks to Ann, Eileen, Paul, Mike, Rose, Dominic, Linda, Patrick and Dean for their lively contributions.

We began by introducing ourselves, and finding out our previous experience of humanism. I think three of us were BHA members. Two mentioned going to previous humanist meetings in Hastings over ten years ago.

The intended debate on the proposition that "Evolution implies Atheism", despite two attempts at launching it, got diverted into other discussions, mainly on attitudes to life and death and on humanist morality, which are of course important issues to us all.

We concluded with views on how to continue the Hastings Humanist group, and provisionally decided to meet at the same venue again in a month's time (12th March) but for a shorter time 7 to 8:30pm. Meanwhile I hope we can keep in touch and exchange ideas on setting up a programme for future meetings and actions.

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