Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hastings Humanists Facebook Group

I just rejoined Facebook and set up a Hastings Humanists page there. I located three of those who attended the inaugural meeting as being on Facebook, namely Ann, Dean and Rose, and sent them invitations to become Friends.

The reason I left Facebook was that I had a lot of difficulty changing my details when I moved from Leicester and also got a new email address. In particular it didn't appear to have any knowledge of the existence of Hastings UK, as opposed to lots of other Hastingses in US states. Hopefully it now does, thanks to our efforts. Because of this difficulty I decided to give my "hometown" as London, since that's where I was born.

As an illustration for the group I uploaded this photo of sunlight and clouds over the sea that I took in December as being an appropriate image for Hastings.

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