Wednesday, 4 February 2009

East Sussex SACRE

A meeting was advertised of the East Sussex SACRE (standing advisory committee on religious education) to be held at County Hall in Lewes. I was thinking of going, but only got as far as Warrior Square station, where the ticket office was closed, the ticket machine would only accept coins, and there were threats of a £20 fine for boarding without a ticket. Also the notice-board said the train service was still disrupted and that the next train was for Charing Cross, though the one that came in was going to Victoria, via unstated stations. So, not being terribly excited by the prospect of a boring and possibly cancelled meeting, I decided that maybe I could find better things to do.

PDFs are available giving details of the SACRE membership and the East Sussex RE curriculum, among other information. The latter has no mention of "humanism" or "humanist", but "secular" does occur five times.

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